Top Fashion Plus Brands You Need to Know About

The fashionPlus industry has long been criticized for its limited representation of body types. But in recent years, there has been a noticeable shift toward inclusivity, with the rise of fashion brands dedicated to plus-size clothing. This shift has been empowering and liberating, affording fashion-forward customers the styles and designs that were previously inaccessible. In this blog post, we are going to highlight some of the standout brands that are leading the charge in bringing plus-size fashion to the forefront.

The Criteria for Top Plus-Size Brands

When identifying the top plus-size brands, a few key criteria are essential to keep in mind. First and foremost, the size range they offer must be genuinely inclusive, catering to various body shapes and sizes. The quality of the garments is also non-negotiable; a brand must deliver high standards to match the price tag. Finally, inclusivity should not just be a marketing tagline but a core value of the brand, seen in diverse marketing materials, representation, and customer service.

Eloquii: A Trend-Setter for the Curvy Crowd

Eloquii’s mission is to give its customers fashion-forward clothing that represents their uniqueness and individualism. With an extensive size range from 14 to 28, the brand covers a wide selection of styles – from cocktail dresses to chic office wear. What sets Eloquii apart is its keen eye for the latest trends and an agile response that sees their clothing constantly updated to align with the season’s hottest looks. Eloquii also collaborates with influencers and celebrities, making them a household name in plus-size fashion.

Torrid: Making Plus-Size Fashion Accessible and Fun

Torrid is all about making plus-size fashion feel fun, accessible, and empowering. Their extensive collection spans casual wear, formal attire, lingerie, and swimwear. In addition to is a wide range of products, the brand actively engages with its community through model searches, fashion shows, and social media challenges. Torrid’s commitment to its customers is unmissable, and their store environments are inclusive, welcoming, and lively, providing a shopping experience that resonates with the brand’s youthful customer base.

Lane Bryant: Pioneering Plus-Size Fashion Since 1904

Lane Bryant has been a significant player in plus-size fashion since their launch in 1904. Over a century of experience has meant that they have a deep understanding of what their customers want and need. From comfortable and stylish everyday looks to modern, sophisticated evening and work attire, Lane Bryant’s design team stays ahead of the curve. They have also ventured into homeware, ensuring their customer’s personal style can extend into their living spaces. In 2016, Lane Bryant launched the #ThisBody campaign, featuring plus-size models and influencers, further cementing their commitment to diversity.

Industry Insights on Plus-Size Fashion

Industry experts and fashion influencers would argue that the rise of plus-size fashion brands is not a trend but a necessary movement toward a more inclusive industry. Brands that fall short on diversifying their offerings are increasingly out of touch with a consumer base that demands to be seen and represented. Blogger Gabi Gregg, for instance, praises the range of styles and the consistency of fit in Eloquii’s swimwear line. Award-winning actress Danielle Brooks has also used her platform to highlight fashion brands that cater to curvier women. Their voices, alongside many others, resonate within the industry and beyond, contributing to the ongoing shift toward a more diverse and inclusive fashion landscape.

Styling Tips for Plus-Size Fashionistas

While knowing the top brands is half the battle, understanding how to style their pieces is equally as important. One of the best ways to tackle styling is to start by understanding your body type and what silhouettes work best. Layering can be a plus-size fashionista’s best friend, as it offers both style and the opportunity to play with proportions. Another tip is to invest in quality undergarments that provide the right foundation for your outfits, ensuring you look and feel your best. Lastly, don’t be afraid to play with color, prints, and accessories. They are what bring your personality to the forefront and create a look that’s both on-trend and uniquely you.

In Conclusion: Join the Plus-Size Fashion Movement

The fashionPlus landscape is evolving, with these top plus-size brands at the forefront of a movement toward inclusivity. For consumers, the message is clear: you deserve fashion that caters to your body and your style, and these brands are delivering just that. By keeping an open mind, trying new styles, and supporting these brands, we can all contribute to a more diverse and exciting fashion industry. It’s about more than just finding something to wear; it’s about feeling beautiful, confident, and empowered. Plus-size fashion is not a niche market; it’s a fundamental and valuable segment of the industry that should be recognized and celebrated.

If you’re a curvy fashion enthusiast, it’s time to make your voice heard by patronizing brands that align with your values. Plus-size fashion is for everyone, and your participation will only help the movement grow and thrive. The fashion revolution is now – and it includes all of us.

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